A mentoring program was held for 5 selected organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The
mentoring program started on 1/27 and lasted until 4/15. On 1/27 – the first group session was held,
which was attended by 5 organizations. At this session, the mentoring program, expectations and
working materials were presented.

The selected organizations started working on their strategic plan, in other words they had the task
to present their vision, mission and values. Prior to that, the organizations had discussions related to
the best possible understanding of the strategic plan. All data of the strategic plan were included in a
single template.

After group sessions, in the period from 02/10 to 02/24 individual sessions were held with each
organization. In individual sessions, organizations continued to work on their strategic plan through
PEST and SWOT analysis, and then finalized their strategic plan through defining strategic goals and


Since the group and individual sessions were successfully completed, the organizations had 3 more
individual sessions dedicated to working on the fundraising plan.

On 04/15 the last group session within the mentoring program was held where all organizations
presented their fundraising and strategic plans, an evaluation of the mentoring program was done.