In the period of global inflation growth, the risk of recession in many countries, and global uncertainty, the countries of the Western Balkans are making steady steps towards strengthening the stimulating environment for the development of youth business.

This week, the capital of North Macedonia hosted the second regional meeting dedicated to the development of youth entrepreneurship, the focus of which was on strengthening partnerships for entrepreneurial education.

Over 100 participants from the countries of the Western Balkans and Turkiye, entrepreneurs, teachers and professors of entrepreneurship, representatives of student companies and the network of Junior Achievement organizations, representatives of chambers of commerce, ministries, agencies and organizations to support business development, discussed the need, approach and way to strengthen intersectoral partnership for the development of youth business.

At the meeting, a Joint Declaration of the platform of promoters of youth entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans was adopted, in which the governments of the region are called upon to continue supporting the development of youth entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans.

Thus the governments are called upon to implement the 4 key measures:

1) Intersectoral partnership on entrepreneurial learning promotion and entrepreneurship ecosystem development to be maintained and open for participation and contribution of various national and local stakeholders, especially those representing the voice of vulnerable and disadvantaged youth groups and youth from rural and remote areas with limited access to resources and opportunities.

2) Dialogue of all relevant stakeholders to be continued about legal regulation of student and youth companies, and especially regulation of transformation of student companies into youth companies.

3) Entrepreneurial competences to be mainstreamed in education and training at different education levels, leading to the provision of high quality entrepreneurial learning ensuring the creation of entrepreneurial minds and environments.

4) To demonstrate the commitment to support and implement the principles relevant for further development of entrepreneurial education and youth business.

The Joint Declaration you may access HERE.


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