On 14 October 2020 Student Business Center organized National Entrepreneurial Conference in the scope of the BY LEAP project. The conference was attended by over 50 representatives of relevant institutions, business and civil sector, innovation centers and high schools. The conference aimed to promote the importance of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial participation of young people through the participation of representatives of civil society organizations dealing with entrepreneurial education, and creating a quality network and exchange of experiences between public, business and civil sector, which should result in initiatives and models to promote and support program development, entrepreneurial learning through the education system and other ways of education and employment.

The conference was officially opened by Nikola Mićunović, MA, the coordinator of the BY LEAP project for Montenegro, and the rector of University Donja Gorica, prof. Dr Veselin Vukotić.

After the opening of the Conference, the first panel session was organized on the topic:

“Development of entrepreneurial learning through the conceptual design and implementation of educational programs in Montenegro.”

The speakers at the panel were:

• Prof. Dr Dragana Radević, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

• Prof. Dr Srdja Popovic, Agency for Control and Quality Assurance of Higher Education

• Dr Zarija Pejović, Mediteran University

• Duško Rajković, Center for Vocational Education

• Radivoje Drobnjak, MA, Science and Technology Park of Montenegro

Moderator Dr Sandra Tinaj, University of Donja Gorica.

After the first panel and discussion on entrepreneurship in education, the second panel session was held on the topic:

“Development of entrepreneurship as a competence in youth employment in the economy of Montenegro”

Participants in this panel were:

• Radosav Babić, MA, Ministry of Economy

• Prof. Dr Mladen Perazić, Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro

• Nikolina Kovacevic, a young entrepreneur

• David Perčobić, MA, Employment Service of Montenegro

• Senka Vukčević, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

• Danilo Popović, young entrepreneur

Moderator: Nemanja Glavinić, Junior Achievement Serbia.

After the end of the second panel, there was a lunch break of sixty minutes, followed by a lecture by Darko Radičanin, Executive Director of Junior Achievements Serbia, on the topic:

“Development of entrepreneurial learning through the program of student companies in high schools in Montenegro”

After the end of the second lecture, the Conference continued with the third panel session on the topic:

“Development of entrepreneurial learning through the work of teams in startup and innovation centers”

The participants of the third panel were:

• Velibor Bošković, Science and Technology Park of Montenegro

• Bojana Maras, Mtel Digitalna Fabrika

• Aleksandar Janičić, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Technopolis

• Ivana Srećković, NEST Coworking Podgorica

• Jugoslav Radović, Youth Network of Montenegro

• Tamara Pavlović, Entrepreneurial Nest

Moderator: Marko Nišavić, University of Donja Gorica.