On Wednesday, 11 November 2020, an online National Entrepreneurial Learning Conference was held in Bosnia and Herzegovina via Zoom platform.

The conference was attended by over 40 participants from different sectors.
The moderator of the conference was Melisa Selak, project coordinator of the Social Innovation Incubator MUNJA, who presented the project, goals and next steps.

Panel 1: Anatomy of Entrepreneurial Learning

Majda Mujanović Babović – moderator
Senka Mašić Džanić – owner of the Aesthetic Center “Per Lei” Srebrenik
Martina Pehar – owner of the school of mathematics “Matka” Čitluk

Through this panel, a reconstruction was performed on the basis of two young people, during which we could hear two different experiences, obstacles and advices.

Panel 2: Development of the concept of entrepreneurial learning in B&H – why and how?

  • Jan Z. Kulenović – moderator
  • Mirela Omerović – IMPACT
  • Resad Zacina – Ministry of Programming
  • Dženan Trbić – Cefe BiH
  • Marko Rosić – Innovation Center Banja Luka (ICBL)

Speakers pointed out the importance of formal and non-formal education, and also that during formal education young people do not have the opportunity to awake the entrepreneurial “bug” in themselves, they teach us to be workers, not to start our own businesses, and those who choose to start their own businesses must be prepared to face eventual failure, which is unfortunately condemned in our society.

The entire conference will soon be available on our YouTube channel.