The final conference of the BY LEAP Project took place in Ulqin, Montenegro  from April 25-27, organized by the Student Bussines Center.

At the first day of the LEAP FORWARD conference Darko Radičanin from Junior Achievement Serbia, as a project coordinator, recalled only a part of incredible results achieved such as establishing of 780 student companies, the involvement of 3900 youth and students participants, work with 200 CSOs and 50 business hubs!

The second day of the conference started with an exchange of experiences and challenges faced during the implementation of advocacy campaigns in Albania and Turkey. Also, participants had chance to hear provided advices for the future based on  business transformation program in North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Group discussion provided recommendations for business sector, governments, EU and JA in order for the further improvement in regulating student and youth company models in Western Balkans. The last session of the second day was presentation of the results achieved within the BY LEAP project in Montenegro.

INFLUENCE, IMPROVE, INNOVATE ware the main aims for the future set in the “Taking a leap forward” closuring session.
Representatives of the Student Business Center presented start-ups that were supported through BY LEAP Project and noted that their organization and Unversity Donja Gorica have already established new programs for their further development in the future.
And we sure that in BY LEAP Project afterlife, we will keep working on what we started through new collaborations and initiatives because as Blerina Guga from Junior Achievement Albania said , “goodbye to BY LEAP, but hello to new opportunities and future partnerships!”
Many thanks to the Student Business Center for successful organization of LEAP FORWARD regional conference and other project partners as well: Junior Achievement in Serbia, Western Balkans Institute – WEBIN, Social Innovations Incubator MUNJA , Junior Achievement Turkey, Junior Achievement of Albania, Junior Achievement  Europe, National Youth Council of Macedonia.