Within the framework of the project “Balkans Youth: Linking Education, Abilities and Partnership Potential in Regional Employment Practice”, National Youth Council in North Macedonia is opening a call for mentors for the transformation of student and youth business initiatives into small and medium-sized enterprises.

About the engagement

The work tasks of the Mentor include:

  1. Creation of the process for the selection of youth and student business initiatives for participation in the transformation and growth program;
  2. Supporting the growth and transformation of selected initiatives in small and medium-sized enterprises;
  3. Contribution to the creation of a toolkit for transformation at the regional level

The mentor will be hired for 40 working days in a period of 8 months (May – December 2022), of which 7 days for activity no. 1, 26 days for activity no. 2 and 7 days of activity no. 3.

The offer should contain the following information:

  • Financial offer
  • Current status of the supplier (if it is a legal entity), not older than one year;
  • A brief biography of the expert with references;
  • A signed statement of exclusivity and availability,
  • A signed statement (if it is a legal entity) that there are no legal obstacles to the realization of the activity.

The offer should be submitted no later than April 25, 2022 (Monday). The full call is available here.

More informations are available here.